Thursday, April 12, 2007


This blog should be called our 'Eating escapades' instead...haha..cos we also chronicle what we eat outside!!! Today we went to Hahndorf, a lovely touristy German village around an hour away from Adelaide city centre. It is a must-go for visitors to Adelaide...lots to see, do and buy!!! We had the famous 'pot belly pies' for lunch, followed by the yummy ice cream that Louisa and I first tried 2 weeks ago at Mela...
in between, we also tried some fudges, olives and went strawberry picking at the Beerenberg Farm. Strawberries are not really in season so they were pretty small (strawberry season : Oct - May) forewarned, the lady at the shop does not really like Asians...cos she thinks that Asians are pay $2 for the RIGHT to pick strawberries at the farm and then pay according to the weight of the fruit and not-eat-all-you-can and buy nothing, as many Asians do....

Anyways!!! It was a very fun and beautiful day!!!! We love Hahndorf!!!

Pot belly pie....which looks very innocent...

revealing a very juicy and delectable filling...this one is chilli mango chicken...sorry...didn't have time to take pictures of the other pies before they were all eaten up....other flavours we tried were steak and bacon and chicken asparagus.. all excellent...!!

UPDATE 5/12/08: their most current address is 44a Main Street and their number is 8388 7591. Since our last visit, they have continued to grow in popularity and got voted the best meat pies in SA!!! Their opening hours are 10am to whatever time they sell out..which is often around 1pm!! Their number is 8388 7591 if you wanna call in advance to order...
flavours include: Aussie Minced Beefsteak, Steak Bacon and Cheese, Steak Bacon and guinness, steak mushroom in pepper sauce, lamb with mint and rosemary, chili chicken wth mango, tuna & sweet corn mornay, smoked chicken & bacon, chicken cranberry and Brie, chicken & asparagus mornay, vegetarian and my personal favourite, Scallop mornay!!! With big whole scallops-YUM!!!

Tadah!!! On the right track to the farm!!

see...the strawberries are tiny...pretty flowers though..

Mango and plum sorbet

the girls with the very friendly and happy ice-cream shop "where did you find all these beautiful girls from?" owner.
The name of his shop is 'Nutura'...has a huge inflatable ice cream cone outside the premises.
His ice creams are really good by the way....all handmade with only natural ingredients....try the fig and almond if you get a chance...*drool*

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