Friday, April 20, 2007

Field trip to Virginia- the foodbowl of South Australia

today we went on an excursion to Virginia, an hour's drive away from Adelaide city. It's called the foodbowl of South Australia and is well-known for its horticulture industries - vegetables, almonds, wine grapes, flowers and nursery products

first stop was to this 20 acre farm (forgot the name and what they grew exactly!:P)
these are parsley, coriander and beets...

next stop: a hydroponics lettuce farm..pictured here are the mixed fancy lettuce..the farmer started growing these as a joke..see the two colours but consumers loved them so he's trying very hard to catch up with demand now!

after the tour of the two farms and a talk, we were treated to a very sumptous lunch prepared by the multi-cultural community..there were Vietnamese, cambodians, Sundanese, Abroginals, Kiwis and of course Aussies..
check out the spread!!

olives platter

unknown bread based

vietnamese(?) fried noodles

samosas made by the Sudanese ladies

springrolls (there were BANANAS inside...i think?!!)

what was on my plate...hee...

on a more serious note....the news has been talking about the effects of the droughts on SA farmers and it is quite sombering to meet the farmers themselves....all very hardworking and humble folks....things will get very tough for them if it doesn't rain soon....please pray for rain!!!
The tour guide also told us that the farmers usually get less than 25% of what the consumer unfair....most of the profits goes to the wholesalers and the supermarket chains...hmmm.

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