Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Shallot Oil

1 cup oil (i used rice bran oil)
2 shallots, sliced as thinly as possible

1. Heat oil.
2. toss shallots in and fry til LIGHT GOLDEN. ( Important cos if it looks golden in the pan, it's overdone and will become very dark brown when it's cooled down. Witness my mistake in the above the fire....low/medium is good..)

as the name suggests, it is shallots fried in oil...

what is it good for?? The fried shallots are good for topping on noodles, tofu, congee, chee chong fun etc..(and if it is not burnt like mine, you can just eat it like a snack.. :P
The oil adds extra flavour to any savoury dish you would care to name. (Oil of any kind actually brings all the flavours of a dish together and hightens the taste. That's why the French would add a knob of butter to a dish after it's finished cooking.)
My mom sells wanton noodles and she has been frying shallots in oil in huge woks for as long as i can remember...the shallots are used as a garnish on the noodles and the oil in the really does make a huge difference. :)

Updated picture: Got it the right colour this time!! Yipppeee!

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