Tuesday, June 19, 2007

bitter gourd carrot red date soup

got the recipe from Ellena's cuisine paradise, a very down-to-earth food blog filled with Asian home-style recipes..
(modifications to recipe: Subsituted chicken bones for pork ribs cos not a pork fan...and after scalding the chicken bones, i rinsed it out and added all the ingredients plus 2 slices of huai shan to the slow cooker and left it on high for 4 hours.)

think bitter gourds r in season now....saw alot of them in chinatown recently... :)

the Chinese have a saying,"liang yao ku kuo", literally "good medicine bitter mouth"...so i guess it's with this (reverse) assumptiont that i eat them!! wahahaha!! But....if you do the salt treatment, it really does help to reduce the bitterness...cos i cooked another soup the other day without the salt treatment and boy, did that taste like medication....

in case you r wondering, this soup is not that bitter...slightly sweet even..thanks to the carrot and red dates...back to the topic of bittergourd being good for you....it seems that there have been successful trials using insulin derived from bittergourd...but it only works if it's injected, not injested...but eating bitter gourd is still apparently beneficial for managing diabetes..wonder if there are any caucasians who have eaten and actually like bitter gourd? Hmm...

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