Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cream Cheese Blueberry Agar Agar

300 ml water
1.5 tbs sugar
1 tbsp agar agar powder
70 g blueberry filling (I used a blueberry fruit spread)
125g cream cheese, softened.

(Original recipe was 200ml water with 150ml thick coconut milk and 50g cream cheese)


1. Boil all the ingredients together until agar agar dissovles. Blend if necessary.
2. Pour into molds and leave to set in the fridge.
3. Serve chilled

Comments: This recipe is actually Aunty Yochana's. (Hmmm..but i can't find the recipe on her blog anymore..)
I made a few modifications to it...hers had three layers, chocolate, pandan and blueberry!! I didn't have any coconut i increased the quantity of cream cheese and water. It came out pretty nice and i was surprised at how easy it is to use agar agar's the vegetarian substitute for gelatin and smells so much better and has a slightly firmer texture..agar agar is made from seaweed and the name 'agar agar' means 'jelly' in Malay...
will try making almond jelly next time...which is essentially agar agar powder with sugar, milk and almond essence.. :)
Oh and this recipe is not very taste after boiling and decide if you wanna add more sugar...

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Rin Da said...

thank u for the recipe. i wanted to make something for my sis in law's birthday. your recipe helped to use up the cream cheese i have n yet save me a trip to go get stuff for non bake cheese cake. i just got my jelly done,in form of cheesecake with cracker base. but the cream cheese didnt melt as desired. i blended it but still could see tiny bits of it, so i choose to ignore. blending made a little bit of mess :) i tasted it n decided to add more sugar coz it wasnt sweet enough to my family's taste. i had a recipe which actually beats the cream cheese till fluffy, i bet the process actually helps the cream cheese to disolve easily. thanks again.