Friday, October 19, 2007

Tasting Australia

the price of procrastination!!!!

ahhhhhhh!!! it's nearly over!!!!!! I had wanted to check it two weeks ago..but have been putting it off!!!!

what am i talking about???

Tasting Australia...a week long fiesta of foodie heaven!! Wine tastings, cooking demostrations by renowned chefs, special menus, markets and fair days, talks about different types of cuisine..and one which i was particularly keen on...a talk on "Umami" by Barbara Santich (been wanting to meet her in person ever since i read her book, "Looking for flavour"...) and the talk was last night.......ahhhhhhhhh...pain..!!!!

Quick!! The festival ends on Sunday!!!

Click here to find out more.... !


culinaryprincess said...

i feel your pain babe!My friend told me about it last week but i only checked it out last :( My friend went for the 8 course meal at the grange which according to her cost a bomb but was worth every penny.

ioyces said...

culinaryprincess: :) next year, we remind each oher ok??!!

Suzer said...

The link didn't work for me and now I'm quite curious.


ioyces said...

Suz: hi! here's the url:

Suzer said...

Cheers:) Will have to check it out next year for sure!