Thursday, January 31, 2008

Soup good for your skin????!!!

I woke up with a sore throat today and decided to skip an entire day's worth of lectures. And in a bid to make myself feel better, I visited two of my favourite places in the world - the Adelaide City Council Library on Grote Street and Central Market.

Due to its proximity to the most well-stocked market in the whole of Adelaide, the library's cookbooks section is HUGE!! The collection is pretty comprehensive- I found Mrs Lee's Cookbook there and all the familiar names -Jamie Oliver, NIgella, Gorden Ramsy and Kylie Kwong- and lots of other interesting books and dvds as the place!!!

At Central Market, I met up with one of my favourite friends for lunch..she brought me to the old food court (the one which is not connected to central market) and directed me promptly to the Korean stall. I believe it is always a good sign when the cashier is actually Korean and cannot speak much English..."the food must be authentic!!"

We both ordered the same dish..ox tail soup...Emi really knows how to push my buttons. She said that a number of her friends (with exceptionally beautiful complexions) have told her that this soup is excellent for the skin and promises when i wake up tomorrow, I will see a distinct improvement. (Does it work? Update tomorrow!)

The broth was milky (cos all the goodness has been extracted from the bones??) and a tad too salty...the meat was quite gamey but for the sake for good skin, i ate everything...haa.....the best part of the meal was the free flow (yet to verify) side dishes..yum!

And here's adorable Emi with her lunch..

I looked up some recipes for this soup...seemed straight forward enough.....soak chopped ox tail in cold water to get rid of any blood for 1-2 hours, then simmer with onions, garlic, ginger and water for 6- 10 hours, skimming off scum regularly...

shall try it soon... hmmm...and perhaps i can use the rose wine to marinate the meat to get rid of the strong smell....

UPDATE: Yes...i think the soup feel smoother when i washed my face this morning..but also not sure whether it's a placebo effect...Emi reckons that now we need to get more people to go and try the's number 12 on the menu ok??? :) Let us know whether it works for u too!!


culinaryprincess said...

i miss the market and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee :( i can't believe u actually drank the whole thing even if it was salty..hehe i guess i would have done the same too..girls!

ioyces said...

hey girl!! it was just a wee bit salty..the boast of collagen more than make up for the sodium overload!!
Let's go for breakfast at the market when u get back, k?