Monday, February 11, 2008

Blind date!!!

I met someone special last December!!!

One of the highlights of my trip this time was going on a blind date.. the person was someone i met through blogging and had travelled all the way from US for our meeting...u know how when u meet some people, u instantly feel right at home and u can talk for hours without running out of things to laugh about? Well, this new friend was one of those...a kindred spirit...and "one in a million" (that came from my astute younger sister, so it's a big compliment!)'s really such a shame that she's married with two kids... ;P

Did i fool you for a minute?? hehe...

My new friend is none other than V from easts meets west kitchen...she is like a very kind big sister to me...very generous and very nuturing....we spent many enjoyable hours talking about food, blogging and eating!!! And she brought along her two little girls...those girls, as Aunty Yochana rightly observed, melt your heart!! They are sooooooo adorable and clever!! I really miss playing with them!!!! They are very humourous!!! I think it's cos V is very creative and her kids are very original... Love watching them dance and sing to their favourite mimi-daisy duck video and playing hide and seek with them...their 'ang-moh' accent is so endearing of their pet phrases....: "Mom-Mee.....*pregnant pause*....I LOVE U!!"
Everywhere we went, they solicited friendly smiles and everyone wanted to pet them or at least talk to them..!
The world seems like a much nicer place when you have twins!!! ; ) V, you are so blessed!!!!! And thank you for everything!!!

Our first meeting....

'Peek-a-boo!' kawaii neh?


East Meets West Kitchen said...

LOL! You're my first blind date! And I'm so lucky to have met such a wonderful person like you! And I LOVE your family! I look forward to many years of friendship, sista! **HUGS**

ioyces said...

hehe!! I forgot to family loves you too!!!
Especially Melody....she kept telling..."ting, V is very nice...very hard to find one...and her voice............ohhhhh....soooo sexy!!!!!"
I agree!!!