Saturday, February 9, 2008

happy chinese new year to 1 and all from singapore!

I have not been cooking in Singapore as our food centres and restaurants here spoils me.

Well to make up for it, i took pictures of the dessert i had with my family during reunion. Yes we did the uncoventional way, we had our dinner in an Italian restaurant as we feel chinese restaurants would not be able to cook up to standard for such a day. As a result we were the only chinese family dinning in that day. HA!

Potini ( @ Waterfront hotel)

The food is pricey but fantastic. See the warm chocolate cake, i think it cost S$25.00 but it taste heavenly! its full of good dark chocolate!!

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ioyces said...

hey girl!! the desserts do look fantastic!! Hope u n ur family have a very blessed year ahead!!!