Friday, February 22, 2008

Popcorn popcorn!!!

OCF is organising a movie night..and i tot i'd make some popcorn to share..(once again, a pantry clearing exercise....u won't believe the amount of stuff i have.. :P )

made 4 types : green tea, butter, chili-cumin and black pepper...

green tea tastes a little weird...i think i still need to add some butter to make the green tea powder and icing sugar stick better...right now, after putting the pop corn into your mouth, u get the feeling tat some green tea powder floats up to the back of your throat?? Funny sensation... :P

my favourite is chili-cumin..yum yum yum!!!

Basic instructions for popcorn:

makes enough for 2

100 g corn kernels
1 tbs oil

1. In a deep pan, (i used my non-stick stock pot) heat oil.
2. Add corn. Cover. Hold pot by the handle and shake vigorously side to side to ensure that corn kernels are coated with oil. Use a medium flame.
3. Wait for the glorious popping sounds and shake pot intermittently.
4. Popcorn is done when it is all quiet!!! theory is that the correct temperature results in fluffy popcorn...and if the temp is too low, the popcorn does not fully pop? Not sure what is the correct temperature too, was just cooking this by instinct... :P

for Green tea topping: (inspired by the modern vegetarian)
mix 1/2 teaspoon green tea powder with 1/4 cup icing sugar and sprinkle all over popcorn
(as mentioned earlier, a tbs of melted butter before the green tea mixture might not be a bad idea..)

Drizzle 2 tbs melted butter and stir briskly.
Add salt to taste. (Ard 1 tsp)

Drizzle 1 tbs melted butter and stir briskly.
Add 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp chilli powder, /2 tsp cumin powder.
Stir and mix well.

Black pepper
As for chili-cumin, but 1 tsp black pepper in lieu of cumin and chili.

note: Toppings are for 100g of corn kernels ok...?


East Meets West Kitchen said...

The chili-cumin does sound good! Perhaps the green tea one would benefit with some sweetness?

culinaryprincess said...

yummm pop corn!!do u by any chance know how to make caramel popcorn..tat's my favourite. i should try the chill cumin recipe. sounds interesting!!

ioyces said...

V: hmmm..the green tea one does have some sweetness in the form of icing's not the taste mainly, just the floating green tea particles.. :)

Culinary Princess: u r in luck girl..!! Caramel popcorn, well, i can't really claim to know how to make since i have made them only once...but they did turn out pretty good!!! Got the recipe from All Recipes. Quite easy too, if i remember correctly...