Saturday, March 15, 2008

Banana and tapicoa agar agar

i stumbled onto a very beautiful blog,Qlinart, the other day when i was looking for banana recipes..and found a banana and tapioca pearl pudding....the recipe looked and sounded so good that i made it the very next day....but the unforgiving weather has put a damper on my taste buds, making it hyper-sensitive to rich and creamy foods...(i just crave for icy and salady stuff nowadays!!)..and so i've turned the pudding into a agar agar(asian seaweed jelly)!!

I'm not sure why it looks kinda purplish though....the flavours were very exotic..Weiqin loves it cos she figures that it tastes like Chai...(cardamon and mint)...

to make anything into agar agar, i just estimate the volume and add enough agar agar's around 8 g of agar agar powder to 1 litre of liquid...just make sure that the liquid is hot so that the powder can dissolve. Oh, and remember to add sugar too..
Leave to set in the fridge and serve chilled.

When i made the agar agar, i boiled some pandan leaves with the syrup...why?? Hmm...pandan leaves are like the vanilla essence of Asia?? Adds a light fragrance to most desserts and can be used for savoury dishes as well. They supposedly have diuretic effects and are 'cooling' for the body...and can be chewed on as a breath refreshener (the last bit of information was new to me too)!!

Don't you just love Asian foods?? It seems like almost every ingredient has some sort of a medicinal/ beneficial property?!


xiao j. said...

true but i'm not quite a fan of the bubble tea thing. a green milk tea crush would be splendid though! =)

Suzer said...

Ooh I love bubble tea, although it has to be fresh blended fruit not the powder. Nothing beats tapioca, or rice puddings;)