Friday, March 14, 2008

Weird taste -identified!!!

was very troubled previously cos i couldn't quite place the taste of the shiso-lookalike leaves. I was pretty sure that i had tasted something similar before but just couldn't relate it! Frustrating to say the least!!!

After eating it for the third time (made a batch of kimchi with it and have been working my way slowly), I finally got it!!!

PAPADUMS!!! These leaves taste like papadums!!! I kid you not!!! I think papadums are made of lentils (Culinary Princess, correct???) and these leaves obviously bear no resemblance whatsoever to pulses but they have the same aftertaste!!!! So interesting!!!

So even though i do not exactly know the name of the plant, i m happy.... :D and happily eating's great as a 'ban chan' / side dish.....!!

(Seen here with Piggy's mushroom rice)

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