Tuesday, April 15, 2008

the mapo tofu that wasn't...



cooked this last night based on this recipe...

Anyone knows of a tried and true recipe???


MadMan said...

Hi. That's my recipe. What did you find missing in the dish? (You can mail me at chef@shiokfood.com )

Kitty said...

i haven't made mapo tofu in ages, and my version has pork in it. from memory this is how i do it:

1. steam or deep fry the tofu cubes, depending on your taste.
2. mix pork mince with sugar, salt, shao shing and a little soy sauce and a couple of tablespoons of water.
3. in a hot wok fry off some garlic, ginger, chilli, spring onion and chilli bean paste (i use one that has black beans in it, so i don't need to add them as an extra).
4. add the pork,and stir fry until well cooked. towards the end add some water mixed with corn flour for a sauce (if it's a bit dry add some extra soy at this stage too).
5. bring the meat and the tofu together.

i LOVE mapo tofu. one of my favourite things. i've got a funny feeling i've forgotten something here. the recipe is only in my head, and i can't be sure without doing it, but good luck!

Barbara said...

Yes, we use one from Fuschia Dunlop's book: Land of Plenty.
See if your local library has a copy, if not I can send you the recipe.

ioyces said...

Madman: thanks for dropping by! I've sent u an email but perhaps it got lost??

Kitty: thanks!!

barbara: Yes, would really appreciate it if u could share the recipe u use!! (i m in another state and have some complications getting a library card)