Sunday, June 22, 2008

Abalone for five bucks?!!!

yes...i couldn't believe my eyes too....

Australian green lip abalone for $5.49 a piece!!!!!!!

i'm sure they won't taste that fantastic (they can't cos they r too cheap...i m just trying to console myself!)..
compared to $200/kg for the ones which i got for my mom last year...these are an absolute steal..

and where can u find them in Adelaide???

at this new supermarket on Grote street...

Time Supermarket - open 7 days til reasonably late...

the shelves are not that well stocked yet cos the supermarket is quite new but i noticed that prices are slightly lower than the other asian shops...and the seafood are especially worth a look at...many types of fish and seafood for around four to fifteen bucks, frozen but still!!

A kg of scallops for ten bucks anybody??

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