Thursday, June 26, 2008

my favourite birthday present of all time..

is this baby!!

A long lost high school friend got it for when i was back in Singapore...(facebook is awesome!!)

but i haven't used it as much as i should but still...i think it's great...!!

you cook food in the inner pot on the stove and allow it to simmer for maybe 10-20 mins depending on the dish and then pop it back into the thermos and leave it alone for a few hours and viola, your food is done..!! Fantastic for bringing soups and congees to sick friends....and for potlucks and stuff..

what i've used it so far.. barley water, rice, green bean soup...(rice takes just around 20 mins, don't worry..)

think i will make more chinese type soups with it when i move next week...cos the size is just nice for one or two...currently i still use my regular slow cooker which gives me a good reason to invite friends's so much more cost efficient to cook for more...

And why i liked this present so much... it was also the way my friend gave it to me, she knew i was goin to buy it and then spontaneously said, "hey, let me get this as a birthday present for you alright?"

(Of course, I did the asian thing and tried to decline weakly...but i think my beaming smile gave it all away..!)

I am lucky, I know!!

Thanks XM- I think of your kindness and generousity each time i see it!

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