Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Berry Tea Konnyaku Jelly

I love experimenting with konnyaku jelly!
Previously, i'd just follow the instructions on the packet and add the artificial flavouring and colouring and sugar.....but i had a big bottle of apple and currant juice leftover from a dinner once..and thought...maybe i could use it as the i added the konnyaku powder to the juice in a pan and then heated it till boiling and then stirred it for 5 more minutes till the bubbles dissipated...(as per the instructions on the packet..)
that batch turned out really well and the friends who tried it couldn't stop raving.

these ones in the picture are made with a base of cranberry, raspberry and strawberry's from lipton's herbal infusions range and i put the contents of the tea bags into the jelly as i figured they were just bits of dried fruit and rosehip....the flavour was not as intense as i would have preferred but they're indefinitely better than the artificial stuff..i only used 2 teabags for 950ml of liquid...maybe i shld have used a couple more...and perhaps some fruit to zest it up...

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