Saturday, April 28, 2007

bim bim ba!

hum there isnt any recepi i followed i used my instinct ha!! oh well cooking is all abt experimenting!

Bim Bim Ba sauce
Chili bean sauce also known as ToBanJan (Lee Kum Kee )
Kecep Manis (ABC sweet sauce)

i added abt 1 tbsp of chili bean with 1.5tbsp of miso, a tbsp of of miri n 1 tbsp of sugar.. hum mix it n added more ingredients here n there.. it was more of making the sauce suitable to my taste.

so i arrange chicken, wakame(seaweed), egg, carrots, bean sprout, pour the paste on top and mix it! it was pretty easy and i was very satisfied with the taste! it was a successful attempt! ->

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