Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Egg Tarts for Anzac day!!

tomorrow is Anzac day...so to commemorate the occasion, Sik Yin decided to make egg tarts!! (not really!! ha..i think she was just more relaxed so could indulge in some 'extra' baking...)

we followed Aunty Yochana's recipe...first we made 2 dozen mini egg tarts using a mini muffin tray..quite pretty no??

and then cos we still had quite a bit of egg custard left over, we made 'macau egg tarts' with puff pastry....

regular ones

and a BIG one in a pie dish!!!

verdict: the pie crust ones were really fragrant n buttery...but have to double the amount for the amount of custard in the recipe...or perhaps our tarts were too shallow...?? Puff pastry ones were nice too....it's the easier option!! hehe....half bake the puff pastry til it's slightly golden, press it down n pour egg mixture....continue baking til egg mixture puffs up. Yum!!
Thank you Sik Yin!


Daniella said...

Ohmigosh!! Those egg tarts look amazing!! I wish I were part of your group.. hehehe

Becca said...

hi! i found your blog while looking for mini egg tart recipes. is there a way you could email me the one you used (for the mini ones in pie crust)? you can email me at bullpenbaker at gmail dot com. thanks!

Yatz said...

hello there..
my god, your tart looked so delicious.like becca requested above, can you kindly tell me the ingredients you used for this mini egg tart please? you can drop me an email at yatie.802 [at] gmail [dot] [com]. thanks in advance!

Dione said...

Hi, are you able to email me the recipe for the egg tarts? I miss a good egg tart and yours look fab! email dbungate at g mail dot com

ioyces said...

hi girls....! the recipe for these egg tarts can be found here:
I would use only half the sugar for the custard though.
Good luck!!!