Thursday, April 26, 2007

tau suan (mung bean dessert)

for 4-6 pax


3/4 pandan leaves*, washed n tied into a knot
250g tau suan (mung bean/ spilt green bean)
1.5 l water
brown and white sugar to taste
tapioca flour
pinch of salt


1. soak beans overnight.
2. add pinch of salt and steam til soft (but not too crumbly, otherwise it will melt later; ard 10-12 minutes)
3. boil water with pandan leaves for around 10 minutes, add sugar to taste. (brown / white, up to u..)
4. mix tapioca flour with a little COLD water and pour slowly into the syrup. Add sufficient tapioca mixture til syrup becomes thick. (Test by dropping some beans into it; the beans should float. I think i used around 5-6 tbsp tapocia flour)
5. Add rest of the beans and serve hot.

comments: i added the pinch of salt to recreate the slighty savoury taste of tau suan back home served with fried dough fritters..this is really quite a simple dessert which is lovely during rainy days!

*for those in Adelaide, pandan leaves are available from the FROZEN department of asian grocers...i only found them after searching for ONE YEAR..and boy, was I happy when i finally bought them!! Can make pandan chiffon cakes, ondeh ondeh, a multitude of chinese soupy desserts and even braised chicken.... what a versatile ingredient..!! :D

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Daniella said...

I love tau suan!!! man, that looks good!! you girls must have enjoyed it a lot!! thanks for sharing the recipe...