Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mushroom Swiss Omelette

3 egg whites
30 ml milk
6 fresh button mushrooms, sliced
30 g swiss cheese (or any other type if u prefer)
salt n pepper to taste
a knob of butter

1. Melt butter in pan over low fire. Toss in mushrooms with a generous sprinkling of black pepper. (Freshly milled if possible)
2. Stir fry til mushrooms r soft n fragrant. (ard 4-6 mins)
3. Beat egg whites with milk and salt til frothy. Pour into pan.
4. Wait for egg to set before sprinkling cheese on top. Remove from fire once melted. Bon appetit!!

whipped this up to use up the 3 left over egg whites from making Sik Yin's tiramisu...ha...i dun really like recipes which just use only egg yolks cos i find it a waste to throw the leftovers n a hassle to make something else... Usually if the egg whites are free from any specks of egg yolk, i'd make some meringue cookies (meringues/ pavalovas r fiddly things, the egg whites have to be totally free of any contaminated...oil, water n yolk).
Actually the picture looks like or jian (oyster omelette), doesn't it?? Well...that's on our 'to-make' list...so akan datang!!! :D

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