Friday, June 1, 2007


Tasted really authentic...but i can't claim any credit at all!! It's a Prima Taste premix!! Really simple...add the premix to hot water, boil with some tau pok (deep fried dried bean curd) and serve over blanched noodles (we used a combination of yellow mee and rice noodles) and either fish/ cuttle fish balls, beansprouts and coriander...the meal can be prepared in less than 20 minutes..!!! (hmmm, usually for the stuff you've been seeing here...i take ard 1-1.5hrs..)

and for the lunch the following day, we had this..

cos our mothers told us not to eat any leftover foods** which had coconut milk.....not exactly sure why....the oils easily go rancid perhaps??

Anyways!! In the picture...notice that the rice is very red??'s not the regular jasmine/ long's red rice with equal amounts of pearl barley and sweet potato cubes...supposed to be really healthy and good for u...once again...according to my mother! ha...


**oh yeah....just a word of explanation..actually there are 4 of us who share cooking....from Mondays to person is in charge of just one day and cooks enough for dinner and the next day's lunch. So effectively, you cook once a week and then get 8 meals and of course, the enjoyable company of your friends during dinner...
Can't take credit for this clever arrangement..some seniors came up with's been working really well so far..cos we get to eat a variety of foods and cooking and i must say, it's very time and cost-efficient as well.

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Daniella said...

Wow!! The laksa looks amazing!!! I'm not a big fan of laksa, but after seeing yours, I think I'm gonna give it a try!!