Wednesday, July 11, 2007


What do you do when you have alot of bread left over?? The most common dishes which utilise stale breads are bread and butter puddings, fruit charlottes, crutons and breadcrumbs....the loaf I wanted to use up was the traditional country style type...with a chewy exterior and not that suitable for desserts i thought...and due to the sheer volume, i wanted to find a recipe which will use up the whole loaf easily....

and guess what i found???

Poor man's food from Protugal...BREADSTEW!!!!

It's very simple, really....pan fry onions in olive oil, add bread, enough water to make a mush and top with eggs. Finito!!!
It tastes very much like chinese rice congee if you let it simmer long enough!!!
Cos i had the audacity to invite friends over, i tot i had to make it more i rendered some bacon instead of using olive oil...and used fish stock and added mixed vegetables, campignons and spinach to make it more robust....
very comforting food and i guess, it would be great for small children?? Hardly requires any chewing... :) and people did like it by the way...

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