Wednesday, July 11, 2007

eating escapades!!!

this is a long overdue post...

Qin and I decided a long time before the exams that we will go indulge ourselves once exams are over....and we had our eyes set on the Hyatt dessert buffet...and asked some other girls's $17 for weekdays lunch and slightly higher for dinnertime and weekends...was it worth it? I'd let the pictures do the talking...

chocolate gateau, apple strudel, carrot cake, cheese cake..

bread and butter pudding, apple strudel (repeat) and pecan pie

cream puff, tiramisu, brownie, raspberry jelly cake, mandarin tart and chocolate eclair

Creme brulee

after having our fill of dessert (perhaps for a whole month), we went for retail therapy at Rundle Mall and then to Central market for dinner..Actually I suggested going to Belgian Cafe at Rundle Street for mussels and told the girls that we should eat well since exams are over and they looked at me in shock and asked, "Didn't we just have Hyatt's dessert buffet for lunch?" stomach has a poor memory!!!
We went to Lucia's pizza and's been in Central Market for 50 years and is very well-known amongst the Italian community so we figured it has to be good...the pizza was fantastic but sadly we can't say the same for the pasta...we shared 1 pizza and 2 pasta between the 4 of us ......

and then decided that we still were somewhat peckish and strolled down to the other side of the market in search of 'Russian donuts' (deep fried breads with savoury fillings)..and we were really fortunate cos it was near closing time and they were on discount...

Louisa had the cheese and spinach, Qin and Soxi had the mushroom and i had beef and onion...the bread was soft and fluffy and all the fillings come very highly recommended!!!!!

Hmmm...It looks like alot of food, nah?? Don't worry, we don't do this very often...perhaps just twice a year!! hehe!!

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