Sunday, July 22, 2007

Chrysanthemum Jelly

handful of chrysanthemum flowers (10g)
1.2 l boiling water
10g agar agar powder
sugar to taste

Steep the flowers in the water for 3 minutes. Sieve and reserve. Pour the tea into a pot.
Add agar agar powder and sugar. Whisk/ stir constantly and bring to a boil. Make sure that the powder has dissolved.
Remove the petals from the flowers and add them to the mixture. (you don't need all..perhaps just a quarter of the can save the rest for use as eye-wash if you like..)
Pour into molds to set and chill before serving.

Comments: Finally!! Something which i invented!!!! Am mighty pleased with it too!! :P
Actually the recipe is very simple...and tastes like you are drinking chrysanthemum tea...i like the fact that there is no artifical colouring and there's fibre in the form of the flower petals and i sorta think that the idea of eating flowers is quite romantic...hahahah....
Chrysanthemum tea, according to Chinese folklore, is cooling and great for sore throats..and when we had 'red eyes', mom used to steep the flowers in a mug of hot water, chill it and and use it to wash our eyes...We never used 'eye-mo' and i reckon the chrysanthemum remedy really did work....and even if you didn't have red eyes, using these flowers were supposed to make your eyes more sparkly... :)


Cookie said...

Don't want to burst your bubble, but chrysanthenum jelly has been around for over a hundred years or more although it is made slightly differently to your version as they add goji berries as well. Nice recipe though.

ioyces said...

hey cookie...thanks for letting me know...
:P sigh.....nothing is new under the sun...
:) i said that i invented it cos i didn't follow a recipe and just came up with it...pity it wasn't a hundred years earlier..heh...