Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pears poached in red wine

Truth be told, i don't quite like styling food and taking pictures of them..i much prefer cooking (and eating!) but it's hard to have a convincing food blog when there are no enticing images...(i don't think the above image is very attractive..but give me some credit for trying, ok? :))

When Louisa and i were in Port Pirie...we bought a bottle of red wine on the first night... and had beef with red wine, lamb with red wine, coq au vin and poached pears in wine...and I must say that the pears turned out the best...cos red wine, as you know, is red..and tends to impart a purplish tint to meats...and personally, i find purple food very off-putting!!

Pears, on the other hand, become a deep rich burgundy and are quite pretty to look at.....and the best thing about this recipe is that it only needs 3 ingredients: Pears, red wine and sugar! How simple is that?!

And we learnt it through watching a video online!! Love the internet...not only can you find recipes and pictures, now you can watch step-by-step videos too!! Fantastic!!! :D

If you don't wanna sit through the video, the transcript is available further down the page. Instead of a cookie, we topped the pears with freshly toasted walnuts and vanilla yoghurt. We both loved it! It's such a simple and elegant dessert! And for the record, alcohol, along with its notorious calories, burns off during cooking... :)

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