Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Melbourne....is such a food heaven!

we stayed with Qin's friend who's studying there...a fellow Singaporean...and foodie...he knew the best places in the city and every meal was fantastic..(thanks Mimi Hong, u da best!!!!)
In fact...we took more than 500 pictures and more than half were of food!!!!

But i m no Augustus Gloop...and feel really intimidated at the pictures that have to be edited, posted and written about....so I'll just concentrate on Fifteen alright?

YES!!! we managed to get a table!!

For a mere $28.50, you get a two course meal and a glass of wine. There were 6 of us in total...so we ordered 3 appetisers, 6 maincourses and 3 desserts...(they all have pretty long and fancy names but i have forgotten what they are...)

appetiser: Minestrone soup with scallops

mains: rissoto with proscuito

rotolo with riccotta and spinach

The decor of the place was quite classy and i especially like the Aseop handwash and handcream in the toilets...
and how about the food??

The soup was good...very light and fresh....and the chefs were pretty generous with the scallops...the rotolo was extremely flavourful but the rissoto seeemed to be a tad overcooked...

as for dessert...I'd let Qin's face do the talking...

hot chocolate cake with banana in a caramel sauce

on the whole, we had a fabulous experience and would definitely go there again!! Yum yum yum!


culinaryprincess said...

YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!! i was wondering if u fell in love with Melbourne and weren't coming back.
You got to dine in Fifteen! Lucky you..i must go and try it one day.

ioyces said...

culinaryprincess :D we did fall in love with Melbourne...it's such a vibrant and exciting city compared to Adelaide....people everywhere...it feels so much like Asia!!