Thursday, November 1, 2007

Chwee Kueh and Chay tou kueh!!

A very dear friend was coming over for dinner and I asked her what her favourite dish was…her reply: "Chwee Kueh."

Me: "CHWEE KUEH??!!!!"

Friend: "Chwee Kueh."

For the uninitiated, chwee kueh is a savoury steamed rice pudding with salted radish.
It literally means 'water cake' in Hokkien.
The dish is quite simple so I was surprised that my friend has such a down to earth request! She’s from Taiwan so I thought Taiwan has chwee kueh too but i found out much later, she got hooked on it in Singapore.
In Singapore, chwee kueh can be commonly found in most hawker centres and many people have them for breakfast.
Here’s the recipe which I found from another food blog…this lady has many reliable recipes but a pity that she seemed to have stopped blogging...

We had more chwee kueh than toppings so we decided to make chay tou kueh (Asian/ Singaporean carrot cake) with the leftovers..(only cos we made a double batch of the chwee won't have the same issue if u follow the recipe..)

The steps were pretty straightforward…heat up oil, fry garlic til fragrant, add chwee kueh, fry til light golden, add radish and eggs, season with salt n white pepper to taste.

Looks pretty authentic, no?? :D

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