Monday, November 5, 2007

Yeast induced activities..

it's swoc vac...which means that i should be studying diligently cos exams r drawing near...but it also means that i m flying home for the holidays in less than a month's time!! WooHoo!!!

but the things which go through my mind are quite incredulous...for example, instead of worrying about my exams, i fret over the stuff in my fridge and pantry...!!!! i have been baking ...ALOT... just so i can use up the bottle of yeast in my fridge...

the first exercise was the foccacia several posts back..absolutely delicious...then i tried another foccacia but this time i added sun dried tomatos and olives (yes, Michelle, I m thinking of you!!)...BUT i left it to proof OVERNIGHT instead of the recommended 2-2.5 hours...wahahaha....errr...let's just say the end product tasted mildly of beer....!!
Next i tried making bagels...they were alright on the first day but probably not worth the trouble...and last night, with much enthusiasm and excitment and very food-bloggerishly taking pictures of every step, i made mixed fruit macadamia cinnamon rolls.....but cos i was so engrossed in drooling over the chocolate molten cakes on Deficent Chef, i left the rolls in the oven too long...and instead the lovely cinnamon scent i was expecting, it was distinctly in charred wood!! *sigh* the top tray was nearly black but the second tray fared slightly better.


So no recipes for this post...just pictures from the mixed fruit macademia cinnamon rolls.. (yes..mixed fruit n macademias r on my 'have to use up before going home' list too!) and oh everyone having exams soon, all the best...!!! We r nearly there!!!

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