Sunday, January 27, 2008

Count down to Lunar New Year!!

The Lunar New Year is almost here. This year, it falls on 7th Feb and it's the first time that i am spending it away from home...the leadup to the most important festival in the lunar new year is always a whirlwind of activities and stress...spring cleaning, buying new clothes, household goods, new year goodies etc etc. Ever since i discovered that my mom's love language is 'acts of service', i took over the spring cleaning of the house cheerfully....I think my mom was utterly shocked and totally impressed when 2 years ago, i asked her for an old toothbrush and then proceeded to scrub the lines between the tiles in the living room with bleach...that took a good six hours...but the payoffs are totally worth it...!
Cos my mom's love language is acts of service, she shows her love for us, by, you've guessed it, cooking....and as I think about chinese new year in my family, the dishes that will ALWAYS be on the table include: braised sea cucumber with shiitake mushrooms and pork ribs, pig's stomach soup, a fish dish (for prosperity), abalone, wu xiang (minced meat wrapped in beancurd skin) and a sweet soupy dessert on the first day of the new year. Almost every dish will signify some sort of positive meaning...mostly related to wealth, health and success.

Hmm. This blog has been a collection of the stuff my friends n i have cooked over the past 8 months..and mostly i cook to quench homesick feelings by replicating the taste of home...but this time, i feel that it is really the company that matters. Urghh!! I miss my family!!! No use whinning (too much)...will concentrate on the least there are still friends to celebrate with here...and being apart makes me appreciate my family, especially my mom much more...
To commemorate the occasion, i think i will trying cooking sea cucumber...apparently there is a tedious soaking process (and it's very smelly too but never mind cos my new housemates are not here yet...)
Why sea cucumber? Cos though it taste like fatty pork, it hardly contain any fat and is actually full of glucosamine (good for joints n stuff), helps fight against malaria (err...not a real issue downunder), it is my favourite dish amongst all the LNY goodies....and the main reason?? Sea cucumber retails here for about 10% of the price in Singapore...Yes, can u tell i love bargains??? Hehe!!
Pictures and recipe will be posted nearer Lunar New Year. :)


East Meets West Kitchen said...

Do you know that I've never eaten sea cucumber? Now I know why my joints are out of wack! LOL!
Thanks for the tips on love languages, I'll try it out soon. You are such are great daughter, sister, and person, I'm sure your family are missing you big time this CNY. Too bad we are on different ends of the world, or we can celebrate CNY together. :)

qin said...

yesh boil n soak the sea cucumber (numerous times)..they really stink! but sea cucumber is good for our skin!! hahaa

ioyces said...

V: thanks for your lovely words!!! You really brighten my day!!! :D Would definitely love to able to celebrate Chinese New Year with you!! I would imagine that you'll cook up a HUGE feast!!!!
I'll dish up some sea cucumber for you the next time we meet ok??

Qin: Is it good for our skin??? Fantastic!! One more reason to eat it!!