Monday, February 18, 2008

Dog days dog days....!!

It's 39 degrees today!!!!!!!!!!!

It's really really hot!!!!!

My room feels like a sauna (dry heat, adelaide very arid)'s just over 1 am now and i've spent the last 3 hours in the kitchen...where it is COOLER than my room..

bought the following from one of the asian grocers today....

Dehydrated vegetables!!! (the drawings look like sugarcane, water chestnuts and carrots to me. The chinese words?? i think they mean: mao geng zhu che tang (some root, sugarcane soup)

close up of contents

Think it is supposed to be sort of a cooling beverage...just right for today's weather!!!!

Have benn boiling it for the last couple of hours....and think i added too much water initially cos it's not very sweet...nevermind...after more water boils off, it should taste better.. :)


what it looks like after being cooked

these taste like fresh sugar cane!! U can chew on them for ages!!! thinking of making the vietnamese prawn skewer thingy with them next time...


Suzer said...

Looks interesting. I've never seen dehydrated veg before. I am so glad we are missing this Australian summer...those temperatures frighten me, and it will be a couple of years before we have a/c in our house:( (Heat definitely has to come 1st)

ioyces said...

Suzer: i must show u the many different types of dried Asian foodstuffs....!! And I do hope ur house will be cooler than mine..!! Australia summers = scary!