Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sharing the love....

Today's Valentine's i reckon it's the best time to pass on the LOVE award that V bestowed on me last week...

For spreading the love and being so generous with your time, words and expertise and making the blogging world a much lovelier place...i pass the award on to..

Culinary Princess

Thanks girls!!

And to all the friends who drop by regularly, thanks for your support!!!

Happy Valentine's everyone!!


East Meets West Kitchen said...

Happy Valentine's Day! **hugs!**

Suzer said...

Aw how sweet thanks:)

Happy V day, belatedly.

puicat said...

Hi Ting

Thanks for your love too! You are such a sweet girl and I am sure GOD finds it very true!

culinaryprincess said...

Thanx babe!!! happy valentines day to u :D.u have to tell me how u spent it when i meet u ;P ill be back next week!

Suzer said...

Hey joyces, and anyone else in Adelaide who is interested...I'm heading up the Auckland community if this international social group..

Have begun an Adelaide group and am hoping to talk them into a proper Adelaide community when I get there. It's nice as it's global and not just certain nationalities as many expat forums etc are. I've been organising meet ups etc here in Auckland.

It's invite only but float me your email or request an invite if you'd like to join. (Feel free not to publish this comment if you don't want to by the way.)

Claire said...

Aww...Thanks! Hope you had a great V-day. You have such a wide range of people it!