Thursday, February 28, 2008

fudge which brightens up your day!!!

this fudge is really amazing!! Just reading about it can brighten up your day!! Well, mine at least!!! Saw it over at Bev's and left her a comment...didn't know that she was feeling down and that my message cheered her much so that she gave me an award...'You make my day!!" to be specific!! (actually i was not that sunshine-y myself so her award worked wonders for me too!!!)

So you see...this fudge is really quite magical...hehehe....extremely extremely easy to put together...ingredients are few so use the choicest u can afford...

the original called for pistachios or walnuts..cos i had macadamias and cranberries so i tossed them in as well...thought that the cranberries would add a lovely tangy touch...

The original recipe can here found here

Thanks Bev for the award and the recipe and for making my day!!!!


Anonymous said...

ooh it looks goooood!

See you made me smile again! It really is magical fudge eh?


Anonymous said...


I think the extra editions sound lovely!
someone recently suggested candied ginger too, interesting!

Suzer said...

That sounds amazing. You know what else it would be good with...dried cherries.

ioyces said...

bev: it's such a versatile recipe isn't it??

suzer: dried cherries....yum!!!