Sunday, March 2, 2008

Adelaide Showground Farmers' Market

this is a post which i have been meaning to share for quite a while...the Adelaide Showground Farmers Market!

Fresh produce straight from the farmers,(not always cheaper but definitely fresher and good quality), gourmet food gift options (olives, nuts, jam, almonds), cooking demostrations, extraordinaryly delicious busk tucker ice-cream not available anywhere else in Adelaide, throw in an occasional 2 piece jazz idea of heaven...

If i remember correctly, they only used to open during the warmer months, which may explain why u will find mainly locals there cos most of the international students were holidaying at home...BUT as of last year, the organisers have decided to make it a year round event..!! Yippee!!
Every Sunday, it says on the banner..

organic bread

un-homogenized milk (means that the milk is in two separate layers...cream on top)..never seen it in supermarkets before!!

crisp fresh herbs

Pates and spreads

assorted goodies...mmm...

Visit the Market's official website for more details! Hope to see you there!!


East Meets West Kitchen said...

Can't see the pics this time. Will be back to view them again. I can't wait til the farmer's market start again over here...

culinaryprincess said...

ohhh my goodness..i didn't even know the existents of the market!!i really do want to check it out this sunday. will u be going??

ioyces said...

V: thanks for alerting me to the issues with the pictures!! Have uploaded them again. :)
Farmers' Markets are the best, aren't they??

culinaryprincess: yup!! sure....will be there around quarter past ten..see u at the entrance??? :D