Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Grape Sorbert

This is no doubt, the easiest dessert I have ever 'made'....if washing and plucking stuff off stems can be counted....



These are basically frozen seedless green sugar added..they are sweet enough...they are really fantastic....!!! Pop them into your mouth...guilt-free, cools you down n you are actually doing something good for your body to boot....(Go for 2 and 5!!)!!!

They stay crisp for around 5 minutes and when they thaw, they turn sort of don't wait too long to eat them ok???

Oh....these are not for little kids...risk of choking...u can try slicing them first though... :)


East Meets West Kitchen said...

These are really fun! And no, the kids didn't get any. Not yet. ;)

Suzer said...

Oh my god...that sounds so great...and easy!

Claire said...

I LOVE froen grapes. They're such a good summer snack, but I have been enjoying them recently.