Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Golden Olivale

This bottle of cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil was bought at the Farmers' Market...

the stall selling it looked very plain and unadorned so i wasn't expecting anything special..but it's one of those foods, which u after tasting, do a double take...! Aira once told me about one of her friend's father who imports olive oil from South Australia to Japan. Apparently that extremely premium olive oil is meant for drinking straight...a shot every morning (confers a myriad of health benefits of which i m not entirely sure).

I reckon u can do the same with this one. It is that good. :)
Fruity and fragrant with an extremely pleasant aftertaste. Perfect with fresh bread and dukkah!!

By the way, this oil only won the bronze prize in last year's Olives South Australia competition. I wonder how the ones which won the Gold must taste like.....Mmmmmmmmmm.

Golden Olivale
0412 796313


Suzer said...

Olive oil has so many wonderful benefits. I use it as a moisturiser and have even used it as a shave lotion (although it does gunk up the razor a bit it leaves your legs so smooth. I'd be tempted to have a shot in the morning too, why not. But, I would always mix oil and vinegar as a salad dressing as opposed to anything pre-made, if given the choice. (best is sesame oil and rice venegar)

Suzer said...

P.S. Do you know how to tell if it is really true extra virgin olive oil, and did you know if it is in a clear bottle, it will spoil much quicker? (Tip- a lot of supermarket brands aren't being honest when they advertise they are virgin)

Suzer said...

P.S.S. What was the cost? (Sorry so many comments...not thinking all at once today!)

ioyces said...

Hi Su!! shave lotion? that one is new!! mm...i think it's great as a hair conditioner/ treatment (common in India) and also speeds up healing for pierced body parts? (I rem my mom applying olive oil to our pierced ears...)
not sure how to tell....the taste i reckon?? Will let u know after i check back with the vendor this Sunday!
Cost- $11.50 for 1 litre. I thought it was quite reasonable...and mostly cos i really couldn't walk away without bringing a bottle home!!

Suzer said...

Not the taste, but good guess. Just ask the retailer, as the bottle should have 2, I believe, special markings, but I don't remember what they are. Yes, it is very good for the scalp (probably much better for itchy scalp than anything else). Not a bad price at all.