Thursday, March 6, 2008

steamed banana cake

I have a sneaky feeling that alot of dishes were invented to use up ingredients which were either rapidly going bad (happens alot to me) or were readily available and abundant in the backyard (my grandma had a farm..i think she grew a lot of plants and spices and almost didn't have to buy anything from the market at all..other than fish...oh...but fish, u can catch from the rivers as i wish i live on a farm!!)

Anyways!!! Faced with 3 almost black bananas, i started a quest for banana recipes...banana bread and muffins are the fail-proof fall backs..but having no special occasion/ the presence of many friends to share the calories, i wanted to make something without additional fat... and ta-dah!!! Steamed banana cake!!

The main rising agents were baking powder and bicarb...and i think that might have contributed to the 'thirsty'/ dry lips after taste...but on the whole, quite nice..very easy and relatively guilt-free....sugar, as advised by Zu, can be reduced, to i think around 1/3 cup or even less. Next time, i might omit the bicarb altogether and see if that helps...

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