Tuesday, June 17, 2008

a change of scenery and a brand new kitchen..

Next month, i'm moving to a granny flat near the beach...

when i first wanted to go see the flat, a friend told me that she had seen the same property last year and she warned me that it was sort of dark but the landlady was very nice and I should see it just so i can have a realistic idea of what's on the market. I went, I saw and i liked the place (i thought my expectations must be way lower than my friend's) and told the landlords that i wanted it on the spot. They are a really kind and easy-going couple and agreed to hold the flat for me until my current contract expires..and even offered to help me move my stuff cos they have a van..

Last night, i went to pay the bond and sign the contract for the unit and had a look around again and was informed that the kitchen was newly renovated after the last tenant moved out...!!! No wonder i liked it so much!

The place is FULLY furnished and the microwave is brand new...there's a bar fridge with a very small freezer compartment (enough for sorbets and ice-creams, so i m content). BUT there is no oven and the stove is a portable electric burner type thingy..

but i will think i will be very happy there...the shops and tram is just nearby and i have a crockpot and maybe will get a portable oven...so most types of cooking will be fine...maybe just won't be baking as many cakes and muffins..

and the best part is that the dining table sits four comfortably and six, very cosily..
(Being able to have friends over is very important..cos i love cooking for friends...it gives me immense satisfaction!!!)

Oh and there is one final drawback...there is no internet or rather, there is the option to connect but i don't think i will...and thus, might have to stop food blogging...so....my apologies in advance..infrequent postings for the rest of the year..


Suzer said...

Congrats and enjoy it:) You never know--there was be wireless access you can latch onto;) Is your computer set up for wireless?

ioyces said...

thanks Suzer!!! :) my lappie has wireless but i guess i'll try to survive without it...not such a bad thing afterall..;)