Sunday, June 29, 2008

Soba Dipping Sauce!!

One of the biggest perks of studying overseas is having friends from all over the world...and being able to learn things from them. Over here, one of my best teachers is Aira!! She is such an amazing cook!!!

I asked her to teach me how to make a soba dipping sauce and here is a recipe which she came up with, off the top of her head! And it is almost identical to what you get in Japanese restaurants... (actually i think it's the same but saying that would raise your expectations too high eh?? :))

Soba dipping sauce: (makes enough for 2)
sake 2 tbs
sugar 1.5 tbs
Dashi 6 tbs
light soy 3 tbs

mix together til sugar dissolves.

and she also showed me the Japanese way of folding the soba so that it doesn't clump together so much and is easier to eat..

step 1: grab hold of some soba between your thumb and forefinger

step 2: twirl it around the little finger

step 3: clench your fist gently round the noodles

step 4: slide noodles onto plate (it should look sorta like a figure 8)

Soba is usually served with tempura and also some japanese spices, ginger and wasabi on the side...we toasted some seaweed (the same kind u use for sushi rolls), black and white sesame seeds and had some chopped spring onions..

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