Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cold Rolls

I love cold rolls!! very easy to prepare and highly interactive..!
basically you find some vegetables which you like, a protein of choice, a sauce and rice paper rolls and off you go...!!!
the meat can be left overs or something really simple like blanched prawns. veggies typically are bean sprouts, cucumber, carrots, coriander...and there's also some rice vermecelli and toasted peanuts involved...

here's the rice paper soaking in hot water with a pinch of sugar added. What's the sugar for?? somewhere (can't remember now) that it gets rid of the slightly off taste of rice paper or something like that?

Usually i lift it out of the water with a chopstick or fork and lay it on the plate..

pile on the filings..


ready to eat!

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Suzer said...

Hiya, can't find your email address but wanted to invite you to an expat gathering at The Austral on Rundle Street Thursday night at 6pm-ish. Going to be people from all over the world, although probably not more than a dozen, just meeting up...some for the 1st time, and some of us who know each other. Hope you may be able to make it.