Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kindness of friends..

is this some sort of a helmet??

no, not really...

it's Aunty Yochana's pandan chiffon cake cooling in my chiffon cake tin... i bought the tin around 1.5 years ago and have only used it once!!

so what is the special occasion??



YES!! My kitchen is FULLY equipped now... Lalalalalala...

A friend who reads this blog (I didn't know that she does) gave it to me!!!!!! YIPPPPEEEE!!!!

The oven is BIG enough for ALL of my cake pans...and even the big-ish chiffon cake pan which I thought i'd never have the chance to use again....!!!!!!!!

So I baked the cake to thank her....still waiting for the cake to cool down before I can know whether it turned out well...(no qualms about the recipe, just worried that i didn't do it properly..)

Thank you Angie and ZH!!!! You have no idea how happy your gift has made me!! :D

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