Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Have you ever tasted a truly ripe tomato??

well...i think i haven't really...til this year...at a friend's house and then 'accidentally' from a bag which i got for a dollar at the central market...these were so succulent and so sweet that i think i might never go back to non-ripened tomatoes...(apparently tomatoes are one of the top natural foods containing copious amounts of MSG...along with parmesan cheese...and bonito stock..and chicken soup....all these yummy goodies have a very intense umami flavour and i speculate, gives the eater a sense of well being..)

so great were my enthusiasm that the next time i went to the market, i got 'naturally ripened' bananas...
and realised ... hey!!! I have tasted them before!!!! What was I thinking??? My grandmother used to have a farm....she grew rambutans, bananas, star fruit, durian, jackfruit, guava, assorted vegetables (can't remember what types now..) chicken and ducks and even a fish pond...(one of my childhood memories involved a competition with my elder sister to clear out the innards of a chicken...!!!!)

How I wish my grandma still have the farm!!!! Then i can go visit and cook using all organic (??) and extremely fresh ingredients!! She hasn't lost her green thumb though...she still has some plants and herbs and they grow incredibly well...and the fruits that my grandma selects from the supermarkets/ markets are always the sweetest...i tell my mom that but she doesn't believe me...it's the farmer's touch...!

But yeah...if u haven't tried a real ripe tomato, u r truly missing out on something amazing!!!

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Anonymous said...

mmmm that picture makes my mouth water! yum