Sunday, November 2, 2008

Penne with Goat's Cheese and Walnuts

Basically this is a review of a recipe from one of my favourite cook books-Olive magazine's 101 quick fix book...and i've just discovered that all ALL the recipes in the book are on the BBC good food website- it has really dampened my enthusiasm to cook from this book...cos then what shall I blog about??

but so far, all of the dishes i've tried hits the spot..!

and this one is not far off the mark but a word of caution perhaps...the goat's cheese is quite gamey for those who are not used to the Mandarin, you would say 'yang siao wei' (literal translate: goat's coy smell")...and it's quite intense....i was quite horrified actually when i tried a crumb of the cheese just on its own..."oh no!! do i have to endure this for 4 meals?!!"

thankfully the lemon zest and rocket improved things greatly...! I would recommend a generous sprinkle of salt and black pepper too...!

the best thing about this pasta- it is really quick to put together...and oh, I toasted the walnuts as well and they were darker than I'd have liked but they do taste uncannily like deep fried lard. I can really imagine them in a plate of char kuey teow (fried rice noodles)...perhaps they can be a guilt-free indulgence if u really like ur lard...!

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