Friday, November 14, 2008

Watercress Season!!

watercress is going for 2 bucks a big bundle at chinatown... i got some just to make a watercress drink but had heaps left so made this...

tagliatelle with watercress pesto

it was very easy and very yummy...great for a quick meal....and even for a dinner party- it is that good!!! I had it again for lunch the next day and remember thinking gleefully: "How glad I am to be able to cook!! heheheheh...!!!"
(sounds very immodest but it's not that....!! i was just relishing every mouthful of the pasta..)

The recipe is from BBCgoodfood.

The next time, i would reserve half the pine nuts for sprinkling on top though and also add salt...i've noticed that all most more recent recipes don't call for salt...but adding salt really brings out the flavour in this dish.

I also had enough to make some soup but didn't take a picture. Really good value for 2 bucks huh??


Bev and Ollie "O" said...

mmm I LOVE watercress, recipe is bookmarked! yum!


Looks great, it makes my mouth water!