Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

OLA!!! Hope everyone had a very blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

First post of the year is gonna be a show and tell!!!

Look!! A new toy!!!!

A multi-function electric pot!!! Steam, fry, deep fry, stew and steamboat!!!

The liquid inside the pot is a Chinese remedy for colds- Coke with ginger and lemon!!! It does work!!!!!! You can find the recipe here all u need is one can of coke, a knob of ginger and half a lemon...and not overdose like i did...apparently one glass is enough but i had four...(not because it tasted that good but i was in a hurry to get well..ahahahah..!) What does it taste like?? Braised pork trotters with black vinegar and ginger....really...

I love this pot by the heats up so much faster than the electric hot plates and it also doubles up as a very effective facial steamer...!! Just boil some distilled or filtered water and put your face over the pot for around 10 minutes (a comfortable distance of course and when there is too much steam, please do lower the heat setting)!


Trev said...

LOL thanks for linking back! Appreciated that =) I love the pot, where can I get it?


ioyces said...

hi Daphne!
u r welcome- it's only common courtesy to link back right? :D
the pot-- i got it in one of the Giant Supermarkets..