Sunday, April 1, 2007


Touted as Adelaide premier Indian festival, it was a superb day out for those enamoured with the Indian culture
Highlights: camel ride, all day long dance performances, a whole stretch of stalls selling indian food, snacks, spices, clothes, accessories and household stuff..
i'd let the pictures do the talking..though i must apologise for the poor quality of non-food pictures r so much easier...hee...

clueless cute dancing girls

the very much entranced audience

a very furry camel..

Louisa with two slit walkers

my $10 combo plate: lamb curry, butter chicken n chickpea was alright lar...

Louisa's two for $5 curry puffs...she was very taken with the appearance of the snack..

The best part of the outing was actually when we went back to a icecream vendor we had saw at the Adelaide festival theatre...apparently his shop is in Hahndorf (touristy rustic German district in the Adelaide hills..) and cos we were the last customers, he gave us 2 scoops for the price of 1.....YUM!! Almond fig and Pistachio!!!! haaaaaa...

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