Sunday, April 1, 2007

The pictures so fAr

chin ting with "harashi" rice plus salad and sweet wine, by weiqin

Pana cotta by Aira

Cold rolls dinner by chin ting

oyster sauce veggies, egg with beans and barumandi fish with leak, by xiu li

chicken don, baked mushroom with cheese and veg and oyster sauce veggies, by wei qin

Scones by chin ting and wei qin

Typical lunch boxes for the nxt day
baked baby octopus, tomato with eggs and beans with carrots, by wei qin

steam egg with leak, sambal kang kong and barumandi with sweet chili and avacado, by sik yin

wei qin with tuna pasta, by chin ting

baked pear, by chin ting

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