Friday, March 7, 2008

these are supposed to be good for you...

"eeeeeeiii..but what are they????!!!"

If my parents didn't start me young, i most probably would not dare to try them too. Sea cucumber, as written about previously. Thus named for their shape. Some call them sea slugs but i reckon that won't make for good marketing... :P

see the cut up pieces...need to get rid of the grit inside

cooked it a long while back....for the CNY gathering....i followed Amy Beh's recipe on Kuali (the server seems to be down atm) but made a number of modifications.....and i forgot to write them down...tasting the dish and adding stuff until it tasted just like my mom's....('au pif' new term i learnt from this blog today....for 'cooking by taste').

the completed dish...yes, it looks like that usually...brown and gooey... :P

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