Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hi Monkey!

When quizzed about my hobbies, i used to answer mindlessly: "cooking.."

but now it seems another activity has over taken my first love ..and it is food blog surfing...!!! (spectator cooking...)

here are a few blogs which i can spend all day browsing...

A Year of Crockpotting is written by a lady whose new year's resolution is to use the crockpot for this year...she has many interesting recipes which i can't wait to try out...cakes, muffins and puddings!!! (i really don't have a sweet tooth..serious...)

'Cooking with Monkey'..absolutely adorable food blog written by a monkey..i was so inspired that i made his apple crumble immediately..and it was not mind blowing but good enough...i would make it with more apple next time....

'Do what I like'- one of Aunty Yochana's friends (i think!) who resides in HK...lovely lovely cakes and very creative recipes..love her mousse cakes..and her osmanthus coconut milk jelly..! Her orange chiffon cake is legendary...have to try it out soon..!

(by the way, to the friends still having exams- all the best...!!!!!! Not long now...!!)

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